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Monday, June 30, 2008


Gee Whiz!! What's a girl gotta do to blog around here!? First it was preparing for a first birthday party...then preparing for a romantic week away, then we got home and had the worst DSL luck...I guess it could be worse, right?

Well, Josie is now one. Holy moley. One. No longer an infant. (insert hysterics here) I am actually doing quite jarring baby crazy thoughts of "just one more" (well, not long enough to count anyway)

Our trip to Jamaica was fantastic. I really like being the center of attention...the "princess" if you will. Hmm. Explains a lot about my kids, doesn't it? I also like being tan. I'm not really, really tan or anything, just enough to have actual tan lines. But this doesn't bode well for homeschooling this summer. I'm feeling the need to spend mornings in the sun.

Uh, oh...poomergency...Jorja took her diaper off and is running around with a dirty bottom...

You know...there were no kids in Jamaica.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Comments, Please!

I am having fun writing my blog, but I never know if it's actually read or not. I'd like to try an experiment. If you have read this or any post, please leave me a comment. Be nice, I know I'm not a professional, but I'd love to know if anyone is reading or not. (Apparently, it's a big deal among bloggers to actually have readers - who knew). My counter is up to whopping 30 something right now...whoo! That's pretty impressive for a nobody with nothing really important to say!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well, add another store to the "we can't go back there" list...

Is there a good time of day to go shopping alone with 3 small children?

You would think that the 6 year old might be helpful, and that the 1 year old (seriously, she is almost one now!) being in the sling would make it so the only "handful" would be the 2 year old.

There are times, though, when they are all so on their game that it's a wonder I ever venture out of the home. Much less make it through an entire day without the help of pharmaceuticals...major pharmaceuticals...

Yesterday's trip to School Aids to buy flash cards tops pretty much every shopping adventure to shame. And that being said, I'm going to do my best to describe the events that lead up to my decision that none of them will ever set foot through those doors again. Not with me, and certainly not all three of them together.

We left just after lunch. Silly me thought that full bellies would help make them more subdued. It is obvious that there is a chemical in cheap Chinese take-out that is only triggered by microwaving it the next day (perhaps there is something to this BPA plastic hoopla) that will turn young children into crazy wilder beasts. It cannot be my inability to control them. Nope, that's not even a remote possibility.

They did great getting in the van, driving to the store, getting out of the van, and even up to the threshold. But once they got a look at the merchandise in all it's glory...the pens, pencils, stamps, puzzles, felt boards, flashcards, spinners, games, dry erase boards, stuffed animals, puppets and coloring was all over for me. Jorja, in her stroller, kept yelling "Stop! Go back! I want that!" And when I would not...she let out a blood curdling scream. This happened no less than 20 times. A very nice woman asked if she could help me find something, and then led me to the math flash cards...they had exactly what I needed. All the while Josie is in the sling squirming and trying to reach everything near us. Jonah declared "I want to live here now!" And touched everything at least once, some things were so important that we absolutely could not move forward until I looked at them while she described them in detail and told me what teacher she knew had them and that's why "we need that, too."

I finally gave up. No browsing for me...I looked at 3 boxes of flash cards and decided that the big one had to have everything I needed. We headed for the front among screams of "I want to walk" and "let me out of here, I want that!" from Jorja. Josie was dumbfounded...I don't think she has ever heard that much screaming before. Actually, I don't think short of a slasher film, anyone has heard that much screaming before.

So we finally get to the front of the store where the nice lady starts to ring us up. Of course I want to fill out the form to get discounts!! Let's take 5 extra minutes to do that. My second very bad decision of the day...the first was taking 3 kids anywhere! While I'm filling out the form, Jonah manhandles every doll-dress-up puzzle on the rack, and Jorja, who is jealous that she cannot reap destruction on them, manages to escape the bonds of the stroller and run over with her. I can only get out "did you...? How...? Get back here! Oh, never mind..." And finish filling out the information. It was only a few seconds before I realized she was at the front door of the store, before I can get there, a very disgruntled store employee almost rips the front doors off their hinges trying to get back IN the store. She can't get the door open guessed it...Jorja locked them! Humiliation sets in. I'm trying to apologize and explain to a woman without even the tiniest sense of humor that the 2 yo locked the door. She would not look at or speak to me. I have only seen someone that angry a few times in my life...and it always ended with a spanking.

I quickly finished paying, exited the store and held back tears of frustration long enough to make it home, open the pack of cards and all the craziness...I bought the wrong cards!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm being tested...

Sooooo, she thinks she can wear me down, huh? Not likely.

Today was full of a sleepy-headed pouter asking me every 30 seconds if we "really have to do this?" and "can't I just watch cartoons?" But we finished everything we had to do and even made up a little bit of work. (I forgot to read some poetry earlier this week) Jason read to her at the dinner table, she read her Bible story to him, and "interviewed" him at lunch for her history project. All in all a good, yet tiring, day.

Now, for the "I suck" part. I have planned on having a First Birthday/Father's Day Luau for over a month now. I have still not sent out invites. I'll be lucky if my few guests have a week once they get them. It's only family, but still...I feel bad springing this on everyone.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We've been invaded!!

It's terrible! Pirates! They are everywhere!

I managed to snap a picture before they started pillaging...

They got everything. The gold (extra-buttered popcorn) the grog (apple juice) and now the whole ship (living room) is covered in pirates and their booties.

Seriously, though, my friend's kids are spending the day with us and we've had great fun outside chasing bears (the poor dog), made gummy worms, and colored and glued foam shapes to everything that didn't run away.

Hmmm...I wonder what we'll do after nap time?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our First Full Day!!

And we were successful!

This was our first day in the "real" curriculum (not just worksheets and books I downloaded from the internet). And it was pretty great. We did our Bible Study, verse memorization, Jonah read, then on to spelling, phonics, math, science, and even with the interruptions of two little ones and a dog puking on the carpet during spelling, we finished in right at 2 hours. Pretty darn good if you ask me. Oh, and I have already straightened up some and put away dishes.

Now, to get them to play for a while so I can veg on the couch and watch Martha Stewart ...