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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Making a quiet book

One of the wonderful things about having children is introducing them to the worship service at church.  It's fun to see them watch and absorb what is happening around them.  It's not so much fun when they get tired of being quiet (one of the big problems with my little chatterboxes) and sitting still.

So this Christmas, I decided I would make Jayma a little quiet book for church.  What's best is that the whole thing is made from remnants.  I didn't buy a thing!

So I Googled...and I checked Pinterest, and came up with a small book to start.

Let me begin by pointing out that when you undertake any sewing project, you really need to find a neat and tidy area to work.

It's important to have an organized sewing box.

I can't emphasize enough how much faster a project will progress if you are able to easily find everything you need.

Now that we have that out of the way...

On to the book.
I was going to sew the whole thing together, but after breaking 3 needles, I decided to just put in grommets and that would allow me to add other pages later.

The cover just has her name.  I tied the pages together with ribbon...I think that turned out cute.

The First pages have a pie to weave, a napkin to fold, and shoes to lace, button and velcro.

Then I have a page of shapes to match and a little barn with doors that open.  There is a pocket to add little animal finger puppets, but she doesn't get those until she stops putting everything in her mouth.  

One of my favorite pages is the button flowers.  She can take the flowers off and move them around.  I also have a clock with hands that move independently.  You know so she can keep track of the time she is spending listening to the sermon.  

Finally, on the back is the pocket, of course. It is complete with felt coins on ribbon to take in and out.  

I can't wait for her to open it Sunday.  If she likes it half as much as her sisters have, it will be a hit!