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Monday, June 27, 2011

We did it!

I just sat Jorja down with a Bob book to see what she could sound out and I was so surprised with what she was able to read to me. And she picked up the sight words "the", "a", and "has" quite quickly.
So I guess I have no choice now but to start kindy with her early so the poor child can learn to read. AND I have to get all of our early readers out of storage. Yikes. That means that our dining room remodel has to be fast tracked. Which also means a trip to Orlando to buy the new table, and getting someone in here to quickly (and economically) put in the wall unit.
Hmmm...that is a lot of work all put into motion by one little 5 year old eager to learn.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Things I've learned while doing yard work...

1. My girls are not nearly as good at yard work as watching TV. They need serious encouragement in the weed-pulling, leaf-raking and mulch-spreading departments.

2. 80-anything degrees and higher are too hot for re-mulching. Or sitting in a chair eating a Popsicle. Or being outside.

3. I NEVER buy enough mulch. I will henceforth go to Lowe's, tell them how much mulch I need and then add the words "times 2". That should get me close.

3.5. And speaking of Lowe's...they never take me seriously. Anytime I ask for something they always hesitate and seem as though they are waiting for my husband to walk up and take care of things. This only fuels my stubborn nature and makes me ask A LOT of questions about things I don't really care about as punishment. "Soooo...this chigger stufff...does it really work? Do you have organic ant granules? Can you ask your manager just to make sure? Where are the posies? Can you take me there? Do I need to pay for the mulch first, or can we just see how many fit in my van? Do I need to back my van up over here to get the mulch, or can you just carry it there for me?" See...I am a much nicer person when you don't judge me for the lack of testosterone.

4. After 30 minutes of work I will inevitably stand up and black out. I must always remember to have a chair or pillow near me...concrete hurts.

5. Drink water. And then drink water. And a little more...

6. If I find a millipede, frog, lizard, worm or any other "cool bug" I have lost 3 workers indefinitely. Their new task is to make it a house and feed it lunch.

7. I should never, never, never try to spruce up the back yard the day before a party when I already have 3 days worth of to-do list looming overhead.