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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Frog

Today the girls had a friend over and after some painting:

We all went into the back yard to play.

I was doing a little straightening on the porch when I spotted a tree frog. I waved the girls over to see it, but before they got to me the little sucker jumped onto my leg. It was wet and nasty and I screamed like a little girl and started hopping and flailing my arms and legs to get the little beast off before I got warts. The girls thought it was very entertaining and funny. But it started a trend.

They decided to catch the frog and that's when the theatrics began. Waving the net around, yelping, jumping back and yelling "you get it". All the wonderful girlie tactics to get attention.

Finally, Jorja pinned it by the sliding glass door. It really was not all that nasty looking.

Grace took over and after almost killing the frog, I got it into the net. Then the girls decided to keep the frog, and with some additional screaming, got it into a plastic cup.

Of course, after Grace left, I decided to spare the frog's life and let him go. And the screaming began again.