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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jorja learns a lesson


And the lesson is:

Not my poop, not my mess, not my job.

On a good note, she can now clean a bathroom.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Did I forget this was here, you ask?

Well, it really wouldn't surprise me if I did. I'm forgetting everything lately. Including, but not limited to: ordering checks, daily meals, laundry (no surprise there), calling the exterminator, and appointments.
The reason? Hormones.
Kickin', ragin', surplus hormones.
The same hormones that cause me to *hurp* all day. The same hormones that made me cry that life was too tough becuase I stubbed my toe. The same hormones that make babies grow.
June seems like it's so close, yet so far. Before I'm probably really ready, I'll be caring for a newborn and 3 deliriously crazy children.
And before you ask silly questions, remember, we "planned" this baby as much as any one couple can, and are thrilled to be having a baby. This is not a quest for a boy, as if having all of one sex somehow could leave anyone feeling like they lost out on life. It is simply our pleasure to play host to one more of God's precious gifts.
That being said...bring on the tums!! Really, this is an easy pregnancy in comparison to others I've had and I still just want to lie on the couch most afternoons. I am only days away from the blessed second trimester and I am itching for that promise of energy and food consumption. Yes!
Oh, and on those delicate subjects of laundry and school...well, they are getting done, just not with the flair I would like. Which is fine with me, I can't be good at everything, right?