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Monday, February 28, 2011

Generosity, with a hint of orneriness.

One thing I love about these girls is that they are (almost) always willing to share. Whether it's treat Jorja gets at preschool, a goodie Jonah gets at a sleepover, or a handful of snacks Josie gets from mommy in the kitchen, everyone gets a taste.
Sometimes it comes without hesitation, but other times, we may run into some arguing, or like today...some toying with emotions.
This morning we got an early start and took a few items to a bake sale at Jorja's school to benefit a local child, Luke, who is dealing with some very serious health issues. I also gave each girl a couple dollars that they could spend at the sale.
Josie went straight to the chocolate dipped Oreos. Smart girl. Jonah opted to get a couple lower priced items. However, when it came time to eat, Jonah asked if she could have a bite of Josie's. And Josies response was awesome. She did not answer Jonah, instead, she looked her right in the eye and took a bite of the Oreo pop. She didn't even blink.
Jonah asked again. Josie took another bite, still staring right at Jonah.
Jonah and Josie facing off in a battle of wills over a bite of oreo cookie and chocolate bliss. And this continues until the last tiny bite of the treat was left. At which point, Josie's mouth upturned into an evil grin very reminiscent of something you would see out of the grinch, and she slowly lifted it up to her mouth. Jonah's eyes grew large with anticipation. Josie paused with it on the edge of her lips...then handed it across the table to Jonah, who broke off a large bite of her brownie and gave it to Josie. Crisis averted.
The peanut butter balls I bought, however, are put up. I don't think I have enough to share.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

My girls + pretty much anything = potty humor

This week's letter at Jorja's preschool is D. Surprisingly, doo-doo was not mentioned. Neither was dookie or dummy. I am very proud of this accomplishment. I think we are heading toward a civilized household. Maybe.
We discussed several D words before all laughing that diaper would be a funny item to bring. Yeah, it's settled and this is not as inappropriate as dad's idea for the letter U - underwear.
And then Jorja's uncanny ability to make me roll my eyes kicked in...
"Ha, ha, mommy..."
If you have heard her raspy goofy laugh, insert that above...she thought she was quite funny with the following statement.
"How about I bring a DIRTY diaper!?"
And the laughter commenced.
Even Jamison had a big goofy grin. I guess there is no hope for that one, either. I do like that she found a way to use two D's, but I explained that her teacher would probably not appreciate me if I let her bring one of Jamison's dirty diapers in.
So we compromised and I let Jorja bring her favorite stuffed puppy, Roundup, in a diaper.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Life is...mundane...?

I can't believe it. I haven't had anything wild and crazy to blog about in months.

No children locking employees out of stores.

No mummified poultry.

No pulled fire alarms.

No overflowing toilets.

I might have to do something rash like take a cross-country trip alone with the kids to have some inspiration.

Or I'll just make stuff up...

Or do this again...

Monday, February 7, 2011

My new hobby

Oh, don't roll your eyes at me. I KNOW I don't have time for a hobby...I don't have time to shower regularly, either...but I still DO it!

How many of you have wonderful husbands? Then you know how it feels to get a reeeeeeealllly great new toy, courtesy of your hard-workin' man. My new toy is this:

Nice, isn't it?

And with any luck, I'll learn how to use it soon, and can post tons and tons of really great images.

I have always loved Photoshop and just recently learned about actions. How did I not know about this years ago? I love that with one action, you can take a photo from this:

To this:

And that is just my lame beginner attempt...Awesomeness!!

And today you can enter to win some Pure Photoshop Actions from Julie Paisley Photography! You may recognize Julie from my Christmas picture blog. Just click on Julie's blog link for the details!

**My lame beginner attempt was using Old West Action from the Pioneer Woman**

Sunday, February 6, 2011

How big is your bubble?

A conversation overheard at the breakfast table...

Jonah: (while drawing) Jorja, get back...

Jorja: I want to see what you're doing.

Jonah: You are in my personal space.

(Jorja ignores Jonah)

Jonah: You are in my bubble...I have a very large bubble.

Jorja: Well, then, it can fit two people...